Preventive Maintenance

Preventative MaintanenceIt has been recognized for years that a more systematic and comprehensive approach to routine maintenance and long-term cost management can be effectively handled by a scheduled maintenance approach. The answer to the needed organization is in the development of an Annual Preventive Maintenance Program.

The goal of the Annual Preventive Maintenance Program is to increase the productivity and life expectancy of equipment and furnishings to reduce breakdowns, overtime and costs. Preventative maintenance, when properly administered and staffed, can alleviate many problems within the maintenance branch of the organization and make better use of limited maintenance resources, staff and funds.

The Annual Preventive Maintenance Program provides direction and control allowing the user to operate within the parameters of its operating budget, non-routine expenditures and approved State and Federal Grants. It establishes a simple, comprehensive system to ensure that all equipment that requires periodic maintenance receives it and that all periodic maintenance is performed on an established schedule.

The Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan undergoes regular progress reviews (at least monthly) of the work accomplished, service levels attained, expenditures to date, and any work still to be done (regular and preventive). All changes, emergencies or extraordinary work items that have taken place since the last assessment will also be reviewed. Any discrepancies between the plan and the month’s activities will be corrected. The plan may be also be altered if unforeseen or emergency events occur.

Our program provides written standards for job classifications and personnel evaluation, maintenance priorities and procedures, dwelling unit maintenance and administration, site maintenance, janitorial standards, policies and procedures. All areas of concern are supported with sample forms and reports.