Budgeting and Planning

Budgeting Planning


Right-Trak Design can assist with your budgeting and planning needs. There are many elements which go into the successful completion of a project. All of them will affect the bottom line in one way or another. We can review plans & specifications, construction documents, licenses & permits, contracts and contractors to determine whether or not they are satisfactory with respect to the successful execution of your project.


Right-Trak Design can make a comparison of the proposed budget with regional and national averages to determine if the established projections will be adequate to complete the project as designed.


Timing is critical to the successful completion of a project and Right-Trak Design can help you with determining the approximate length of a project as well as the appropriate beginning and ending dates. Important items such as existing conditions, level of occupancy, time of year, available manpower and lead times for materials are taken into consideration.